Technological Innovation

We help members take full advantage of industry innovations and suppliers’ ideas.  This includes orienting innovation systems to the “next new thing” that will contribute to growth and/or satisfying customers’ changing expectations. Our goal is to help manufacturers move as quickly as possible to fully networked innovation operations where they can fuse produced goods to related services … and take advantage of the their extended pipelines so they can innovate their way into a strong, manufacturing-led growth economy.

Supply Chain Value Integration

We guide OEMs on adopting a total enterprise approach, i.e. Network Centric Manufacturing, on improving how they can be better integrators of systems and subsystems.  We also advise supply chain members on how they can better understand how to operate in extended enterprises where firms focus on what they do best and outsource the rest, thereby controlling enterprise costs.

Sustainable Manufacturing

We provide guidance to our members on applying our proprietary Sustainability Framework Model to quickly evaluate the environmental and financial impact of existing programs and policies; determine supply chain impacts; achieve greater efficiency in industrial ecology; and create business opportunities in the sustainable manufacturing paradigm.

Talent Development

We work closely with members, professional associations, and community/technical colleges to upgrade the skills of incumbent workers … prepare students for high-skill jobs in advanced manufacturing … attract more students to jobs and/or careers in STEM-related subject areas … encourage students and workers to obtain industry-recognized certifications … and encourage life-long learning to remain competitive in an ever-changing labor market.