Who We Are

NACFAM is the non-partisan voice of advanced manufacturing in Washington, DC, advocating manufacturing-related policy and program solutions to help revitalize the U.S. manufacturing sector in four key areas:

  • technological innovation,
  • supply chain integration,
  • sustainable manufacturing,
  • and talent development.

Our Vision

Growing the U.S. Economy by Strengthening Advanced Manufacturing.

Our Mission

For U.S. manufacturers to be the backbone of the nation’s economy, we will help them acquire the knowledge and information they need to be more innovative, productive and competitive in ever-changing domestic and global markets.

To strengthen the nation’s advanced manufacturing sector, we will work with policy makers to develop a comprehensive advanced manufacturing strategy to promote product and process innovation through expanded R&D … build a better educated and trained workforce … and remove barriers to global competitiveness.

Our Focus

Since our founding in 1989, we have given special attention to working with public and private sector partners to shape manufacturing policies and programs. We bridge partisan divides through our strength as an independent source of expertise on the many facets of advanced manufacturing. We communicate regularly with members and friends from companies, associations, non-profits, government agencies and education entities through our weekly newsletter, providing them with and information about topics of interest on manufacturing issues. And we serve as a national convening body through our annual conferences and exhibitions that focus on emerging and disruptive manufacturing industry trends … and scheduled visits with members of Congress and the Executive Branch to ensure they are kept abreast of next-generation manufacturing challenges and successes.