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NACFAM Sustainability Framework Model Minimize

Developed for quick, easy use by small, medium or large manufacturing companies with limited data, providing traditional financial outputs and straightforward energy and environmental outputs

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Washington, DC. Chairman and CEO Rusty Patterson today announced that the National Council for Advanced Manufacturing is releasing its final version of theNACFAM Sustainability Framework Model, after months of work under CEO-Emeritus Eric Mittelstadt.

The purpose of releasing this Model is to keep it available to ALL manufacturers (regardless of size) and ALL students/professors for enhancement and improvement of the Model, which would then be publicly available after such enhancement and improvement. This open-source methodology, availability to all, and adherence to transparency will be the most beneficial to U.S. manufacturing competitiveness and the environment.  NACFAM, its partners, and future contributors will make sure that any new versions of this model remain open for use by all and remain transparent. 

Click here for the press release.

About the Sustainability Framework Model Minimize

NACFAM Sustainability Framework Model Whitepaper
This whitepaper describes the development, release and imminent open-sourcing of the NACFAM Sustainability Framework Model.  This document covers topics such as:  who should use the Model, when to use it, sustainable manufacturing strategy development, the inputs needed, the output provided, and future goals for the Sustainability Framework Model.

Click here to download the whitepaper.

Sustainability Framework Model Examples Minimize

NACFAM Sustainability Framework Model Examples

This document provides some examples of how this Model can be used.  It takes the user through the process of using the Model step-by-step.  The examples cover 1) addressing a potential change in chemical management by a company, 2) assessing the significantly favorable upstream impacts of using a new metal working process that uses less input materials while slightly increasing energy use at a manufacturing plant, and 3) replacing corrugated cardboard with reusable plastic containers.  This document also walks the user through how to interpret and utilize the results and output data.

Click here to download these examples with directions and explanations.

Sustainability Framework Model Minimize

The NACFAM Sustainability Framework Model

This Model was created by NACFAM's Vice President for Sustainable Manufacturing, Jeffrey Mittelstadt.  It can be used by companies of all sizes to prioritize sustainable manufacturing projects, to analyze financial and environmental impacts of multiple combinations of potential projects, and allows companies to assess multiple environmental categories simultaneously.  The Model was developed from actual sustainable manufacturing projects focused on energy efficiency, chemical management, materials management including related energy use and upstream environmental impacts, and other issue areas NACFAM thought would be important for users.  It is financially-based, yet kept as simple as possible so companies of all sizes can use it with minimal data to prioritize potential projects to focus resources, time and money, for further exploration.

Click here to download a blank Microsoft Excel-based NACFAM Sustainability Framework Model for your use.  The Model is a very large file, so the Excel document is found in the linked zip file.

Instruction Manual Minimize

NACFAM Sustainability Framework Model Instruction Manual

This document provides a cell-by-cell description of the Model input worksheets.  It is a resource to facilitate use of the Model.  The manual explains the Project Description & Outputs Dashboard, all of the various input worksheets (including general input, manufacturing process input, baseline equipment and process input, and comparison scenario input).  It provides a very quick/general description of the other worksheets, which are covered in more detail in the paper on Equations, Algorithms & Assumptions.  This is a zip file containing the document in pdf form - a very large document.

Click here to download the NACFAM Sustainability Framework Model Instruction Manual

Assumptions & Calculations Minimize

Assumptions and Premise Behind Equations & Algorithms

This document goes into more detail about the assumptions and equations used in the NACFAM Sustainability Framework Model.  It describes the algorithms and equations behind all of the calculations and will be helpful for students, professors, company employees, and other stakeholders interested in working with the Model, especially when the open-source environment is created for the improvement and enhancement of the Model.

Click here for the Assumptions and Premise Behind Equations & Algorithms of the Model.

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